Farmer Services

At Viobin, we provide a host of farmer solutions. We have over 80 years of experience in extraction, agriculture, and working with farmers just like you to produce the highest quality finished products. Our goal is to provide solutions that are convenient and financially rewarding to you.

Hemp Processing Made Easy

Viobin has been rooted in botanical extraction since 1936. We understand the critical products and svcs farmers provide to fuel the American family AND the American economy. Further, our parent company, PHM Brands, owns and operates grain storage, flour mills, and specialty crop processors. This broad agricultural manufacturing knowledge translates into a world-class experience for our farmer partners.

Turn Your Hemp Into Product

As a large-scale farmer owned facility, we can process up to 50k pounds of biomass per day.
Our extraction facility is GMP certified: BRC (British Retail Consortium), Kosher certified, and operated by leading industry experts.

CBD Isolate

Hemp from your farm can be turned into 99% pure CBD isolate with all the documentation and specs buyers need. 

Hemp Distillate

Turn your hemp into top-shelf hemp extracts that the leading brands and buyers across the globe are seeking out.

Retail Products

We can extract your hemp, formulate a unique tincture flavor, bottle the product, and ship it straight to your doorstep.

Wholesale Registration

Hemp Processing Solutions

Hemp Processing Near Me

Given our size and extraction capabilities, we can provide some of the highest yielding extracted product in the marketplace. We encourage farmers to send in a sample load of biomass to see the results. Further, our 31k sq ft facility in Michigan City, IN provides timely services. No more delays in getting your hemp scheduled. No more unwarranted idling time. Most importantly, 80 years of extraction history will be behind your product.

Tolling Agreements

Common arrangements include toll extraction and split arrangements. With toll extraction, you pay to get your biomass processed into a raw material. Your product will also be placed at the front of the queue. We can take your hemp from biomass to crude, winterized crude, full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate.

Split Agreements

With split arrangements, Viobin will take ownership of a percentage of the final product. You will not need to take pay out of pocket with this arrangement. The split percentage is based on CBD content of the biomass. The more CBD in your biomass, the more product you take home.

Our farm management team is to answer your questions and will walk you through every part of the contract. They also bring superior market knowledge and understanding of extraction. From processing to storage to market intel, you can place your trust in Viobin. We look forward to helping you!